Nuun Official and Solihull's Bring Range Rover Classic Inspired Watches to Life

    In a ground-making move, watch brand Nuun Official partners with Solihull's, creating a timepiece designed to emulate the vintage beauty, performance, and luxury of the Classic Range Rover. These automotive marvels are famous for their timeless designs. Which Nuun Official has encapsulated for the watch-making world.

    Solihull's is an exclusive Vintage Range Rover dealership in Bahrain that carefully restores and preserves the vehicle's originality and perfect condition. They are the master in rebuilding rare Range Rover Classics, returning them to their original luxurious and museum-like finish; each restoration is a testament to preserved history and heritage. Solihull's ensures that their vehicles are fully functional and in mint condition, worthy of a collector's trust.

    "We couldn't be more proud. This project between Nuun Official and Solihull's is set to create a storm, with our watches born out of modern ingenuity and carefully planned adaptations while ensuring that we portray the heritage of the SUV's timeless beauty and performance," Saud Alkhalifa, Solihulls owner.

    "The Nuun Official x Solihull's collection captures the Classics' unique legacy, authenticity, functionality, and performance. It brings the watch wearer a sense of being a part of history even in this technologically advanced world." Talal Yusuf Fakhroo, Nuun Official Managing Director.

    The new collection, Nuun Official x Solihull's, uses the ultra-rare, expensive, and highly complex white forged carbon composite for its case. This material is used in exquisite collectibles, high-performance cars, and other extraordinary objects of desire. The dial colors, derived from the Classic's Pantones, deliver eye-catching looks and dramatic depth. The watch is powered by Swiss-made Soprod Newton with automatic movement, while the case back is sealed with a see-through sapphire crystal displaying the elegant watch caliber. The case measures 40.5mm and is engraved at the side with "1970", commemorating the year the SUV was launched. It comes with 2 straps made from nanotech dirt-resist rubber.

    Two color versions have been created for the launch:

    Tuscan Blue: Exemplifying the build quality of the luxury SUV, it's comfortable and eye-catching! The dial is a true blue, which contrasts the pure white case cleanly. The Tuscan Blue possesses a posh interior but presents a classy and subtle look.


    Bahama Gold is the second colour. Sleek and finely edged, the Bahama Gold features a solid distinct yellow dial that pops off the white forged carbon case, giving it a confident zesty stylish look.

    The Tuscan Blue and Bahama Gold are a limited quantity of 70 pieces for each colour. Encased in lightweight EVA foam packaging, each set comes with an extra strap, a booklet sleeve, a warranty card, and a Solihull's postcard.

    Nuun Official's watches and Solihull's vehicles have transcended their intended purpose by becoming vessels of meaningful stories inciting passion. The Nuun Official x Solihulls collection is an elegant blend of the passion and expertise of the two masters. The timelessness, energy, and luxury found in the Classics presented in a timepiece is a technology crossover that comes to life.