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6 products


Within our Nuun Official brand, we undertake continuous innovation - we are putting a new spin on the classic collection and a new line of product developments for the year. The updated line will feature the brand’s in-house manufactured case material ‘Carbon X Tech’, 100-meter water-resistant, ‘Superluminova Swiss Lume’ and ‘Dirt-Resist’ nanotech rubber strap. The case measures 40.5mm diagonally and features three-hand and two-hand subdial variations in both Arabic and index dials. The casebook showcases a 316L PVD coat micro-blasted finish with the in-house material insignia. The watch has a new generation strap design with quick-release spring bars and the glass is made of K1 crystal with an anti-reflective coat.

The sandwich dial indices add depth and dimension to the visual appearance of this dial, filled with Superluminova Swiss Lume for the best readability in the dark. It’s a must-have timepiece collection that’s guaranteed to be a staple in your wardrobe.




Forged carbon fibers have several advantages including high stiffness, high tensile strength, low weight, high chemical resistance, high-temperature tolerance, and low thermal expansion.

This material is mostly used in specialized, high-performance products like aircraft, race cars, and high-performance sporting equipment. Carbon fiber, which is most basic form is carbon graphite, will virtually last forever – it will not deteriorate over its useful lifespan.


Carbon fiber products launched to the market, in general, can often be produced for their gimmick value or are at times, reserved only for the rich. Golf clubs and F1 cars can at times seem to be the limit of our imaginations. The truth is, carbon fiber has a ton of capabilities and applications. Starting with the most momentous of importance, carbon fiber has allowed astronauts to walk on the moon. It has made aircraft, helicopters, and vehicles lighter and more fuel-efficient. And, it has allowed rescue vehicles to operate faster and go farther where needed.

A byproduct of crude oil, petroleum is used in a number of different products, and in turn, Carbon fibers are one part of petroleum, one part rayon, and the remaining 90% is polyacrylonitrile.

Damaged carbon is recoverable, a key factor in a planet ever more aware of sustainability which in all makes for a fascinating, practical, light yet high-performance material.



‘Lumibrite’ is a phosphorous pigment that emits a green glow in the dark when properly charged, either by sunlight or artificial light. Lumibrite has the brightest glow among all its variants and is made from a modern non-radioactive formula including strontium aluminate. Our ‘Origen’ collection uses a combination of white and rare black lume to read time at a glance in the dark. It is truly functional and also cutting-edge as a product.



Our ‘Dirt-Resist’ nanotech rubber strap is one of the Nuun Official flagship materials, a modern approach to watchmaking. Providing a perfect fit for the wearer for both indoor and outdoor. The micro-blasted rubber strap provides a secure gap-free, rotation-less mount to the watch case. We source our rubber from the finest manufacturers for quality endurance and strong aesthetics.



The NUUN OFFICIAL X-PERIENCE is that rare mix of emotions providing a natural high and can-do feel-good vibe. A new way of enjoying the brand’s watchmaking and connecting it to Outdoor Life. At Nuun Official we talk about our philosophy that Life is Out There – It Is Never Too Late. We aim to remind our audience, of the significance of our watches to them and the product’s origins to the user, emphasizing the remarkable materials and carefully designed details we utilize. Our products are for the quick-minded, nimble, entrepreneur, a sharp suit with Converse sneakers, one eye on the board-room the other on whether the surf’s up. Nuun Official is all about renaissance people, who travel, love world-food and culture. Movers and groovers who embrace the glocal village who are at ease reviewing the profit and loss or shopping specialist ingredients at the local market. Nuun Official is for those who live life to snow ski, jet-ski, and jet-set. Theatre-goers, riviera dwellers, mountain bikers, or Harley cruisers. We are about choosing to live life in a way that is unique, special, creative, and aspirational.


Since Nuun Official watches involve a wide range of outdoor activities, we strive to provide a product that delivers the perfect user experience. Our watches are consistent with the brand’s positioning and the intrinsic values our brand expresses: ethics, aesthetics, transparency, style, principles, individuality, and philosophy.