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Join us in the pursuit of redefining timekeeping. 

Nuun Official works with a diverse community of some of the most significant retailers to help get our innovative time pieces on to the wrists of watch enthusiasts across the world. 

If you're interested in joining us as an authorised Nuun Official retailer, the first step is to contact us directly.

To be considered, at a minimum, you must have a business license issued by your local government and a retail storefront or website —and, of course, a passion for watches!

 The benefits of working with us don't stop with excellent products!

  1. Unrivaled Quality: At Nuun Official Watches, quality is our top priority. Each timepiece is meticulously crafted by skilled artisans using the finest materials, ensuring longevity, precision, and utmost customer satisfaction. By offering our watches, you'll align your brand with uncompromising quality, attracting discerning customers who appreciate sophistication and craftsmanship.
  2. Captivating Designs: Our watch collection showcases a harmonious blend of classic aesthetics and modern innovation. With elegant designs suitable for every occasion, our timepieces appeal to a diverse audience, allowing you to cater to various market segments and increase your product offering.
  3. Global Appeal: Nuun Official Watches have garnered a global following, transcending borders and cultures. As our esteemed retailer, you'll have access to a brand with international recognition, giving your business a competitive edge in the global market.
  4. Marketing Support: We understand the importance of marketing in driving sales. Our team is dedicated to supporting our retailers with marketing materials, promotional assets, and collaborative campaigns. Together, we can create compelling marketing strategies that resonate with your target audience, boosting both brand visibility and revenue.
  5. Exclusive Retailer Benefits: By partnering with Nuun Official Watches, you'll enjoy exclusive benefits, including special pricing, early access to new collections, and priority in limited-edition releases. We value our retailers as essential partners in our success, and your prosperity is integral to ours.
  6. Dedicated Customer Service: Our commitment to excellence extends beyond product creation. Our dedicated customer service team is readily available to assist you and your customers with any inquiries or support needs, ensuring a seamless shopping experience and bolstering customer loyalty.
  7. Point of Sale Materials: Enhance your in-store displays and create an immersive shopping experience with our eye-catching point-of-sale materials. These materials will not only showcase our watches beautifully but also tell the story of Nuun Official Watches, adding value to your customer interactions.

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Artist Collaborations

Nuun Official loves to create, so we are using our platform and timepieces to help raise awareness of young artists around the world.

Giving people a chance to wear a tiny piece of art on the wrist and support young talent.

young artists
A sustainable World

Nuun Official aims to do its part on protecting the world for future generations. We started with our ESENCIAL collection. The case of each ESENCIAL watch uses discarded ocean plastic, every watch takes approximately four plastic bottles to create.

This is our part to protect marine life in collaboration with Tide Ocean Material, a Swiss based organization, which has helped us to bring this project to life!

Built For Life

Nuun Official watches are built for life. A time piece at an affordable price point.

Made for adventurers, people who want a time companion on the journey of life.Time is precious so Nuun Official is the perfect partner you don't need to worry about.

Never standing still NUUN Official is always innovating and developing with new designs, materials and working towards building the NUUN Collective Community.