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Loving my new watch the MOP Rose gold. The strap is extremely comfortable, absolutely gorgeous and so well crafted. It comes with 2 straps, stainless steel Rose gold bracelet, and a white rubber strap.

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Rawan Bin Hussain

I have been extremely pleased with it's accuracy and appearance! Thanks for designing a watch that is as pleasing to the eye! I believe my watch is an incredible value, and look forward to many years of it's use.
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Rajeh Alharthi

My husband got me this watch for my birthday present. Honestly, I am not really a watch person but I just can't get over this watch. I was flattered by it's packaging and the quality of the watch. The sunray dial can't get my eyes off the watch. Wherever I go, I get asked about this watch. I'm looking forward to buy one for my husband to return the favor. I do highly recommend this brand to anyone. It's a must buy!

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This watch is literally perfect. It’s so comfortable on the wrist, it’s legitimately waterproof, lightweight, and durable. It comes along with an extra velcro strap which sits perfectly on the wrist to give it a sporty look.

It’s literally the best watch you can get. I would recommend this to anyone who wants a sporty, reliable time piece on their wrist. Whether it be for the flex or just to tell the time.
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Mohamed Gohar

I am totally impressed by this beautiful watch. Features Mother of pearl dial which is a beauty in itself. I personally loved the combination of Rose gold and white strap.
Overall, I am extremely pleased with the color and quality of the watch. The rose gold isn’t super pink, which I like. It is still definitely rose gold. It is a nice going out watch for formal occasions.
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Areej Al Balushi

Hi Nuun team, I received my Montre Silver watch in applied indexes as promised, and was quite impressed! Had a jeweler to resize the stainless steel properly, and have hardly taken it off since! A high quality time piece, that is functional and stylish. I'm glad that Nuun haven't missed any details. Just what I needed since quite a long time. Thanks for the impressive watch.
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Rocco Pergola

Honestly, this watch is so nice. It's my style. It looks nice and very eye catching. It just adds to your style. It's very slim and not bulky, something I really like. It's totally worth the price. The best thing about this watch is the mother of pearl dial which adds details to the watch this is why I like it better. Personally, I don't think you can go wrong. If you want a minimal, stylish watch I'd for this one. It's verified and authentic watch brand. I'd say go for it!
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Carmen Soliman