Our chronograph collection is back. This time in 4 different vivid colors and some new gears. Stay put to find out!


    We are back with our chronograph, reimagined and recreated.

    The Nuun Official chronograph stnds out with its unmistakable style appealing to men and women who love this blend of design, history, and great chronograph performance. The original Nuun Official chronograph was launched in 2019 with a clear mission: to suit the needs of “the young and active professionals” with a range of “ultra-modern chronographs”. The sports watch appealed to that demographic but also attracted young women who were drawn to its bold design and its undeniable elegance. Today, the Nuun Official’s chronograph offers a modern interpretation of this stylish chronograph with one of the most recognizable dials ever made, which is also referred to as the “two-tone color dial” by collectors. The chronograph comes in a 40.5 mm matte polycarbonate case paired with a nano-tech rubber strap and a stainless-steel pin buckle. It houses a Cal.0S21 Miyota chronograph movement. It is a must-have timepiece that is guaranteed to be a staple in the wardrobe.


    Integrating a sporty element while keeping it simple and classic, the Chronograph is visually and functionally appealing. It is a total watch experience that takes the joy of time-keeping a notch higher.

    This defiant and rebellious timepiece will just not tell you time, but it will also help you to keep track of time in your routine sports activities, such as sprinting, swimming, marathons, and racing. Be the master of your own time in style.

    We at Nuun Official, in our undertaking of continuous innovation, are releasing an updated version of chronograph watches. We are putting a new spin on this timeless classic. This collection comes in 4 vivid colors: Nato Olive, Zima Blue, White, and Gulf Orange. Each watch comes with an extra color strap complementing the dial and a black regular strap for subtle looks.


    The new line will feature the brand’s signature elements such as a polymeric carbon case, 10 ATM water resistance, nanotech dirt resist rubber, and the tachymeter to compute the frequency of hour. The addition of a chronograph combines the functionality of a sports watches with traditional timekeeping. The colored sandblasted dial is contrasted with a black sub-dial to stand out. The chronograph sub-dial adjacent to 9 o’clock keeps track of minutes, while the sub-dial at 3 o’clock follows a 24-hour time format. The case measures 40.5 mm diagonally across. It is sandblasted to give it a smooth, matte finish, while the back case showcases a micro-blasted finish. The top-pusher will start or pause the stopwatch whereas the bottom-pusher will reset the stopwatch.


    The watch has a nanotech black strap length of 75mm X 120mm to accommodate the user’s wrist. The set also includes an extra rubber strap made of dirt-resist nanotech.

    Our ‘Dirt-Resist’ nanotech rubber strap is one of Nuun Official flagship materials, a modern approach to watchmaking. Providing a perfect fit for the wearer both indoors and outdoor. The micro-blasted rubber strap provides a secure gap-free, rotation-less mount to the watch case. We source our rubber from the finest manufacturers for quality endurance and strong aesthetics.

    What is Tachymeter?

    A tachymeter is a scale sometimes inscribed around the rim of an analog watch with a chronograph. It can be used to conveniently compute the frequency in hours of an event of a known second-defined period, such as speed based on travel time, or measure distance based on speed.