N200 Titanium Gray v2 AR

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Introducing the N200 Titanium Gray Diver's Watch, a perfect fusion of timeless elegance and robust functionality. This exquisite timepiece features a translucent dial, Arabic or Index markers, and is crafted from durable, gunmetal-coated stainless steel. Designed for both sophistication and underwater adventures.

Technical features

40.5 MM
21600 BPH
41 HR
Power Reserve
200 M
Water Resistance


Beyond its aesthetics, the N200 Titanium watch is abrasion-resistant, ensuring its durability during your everyday escapades.
Elevate your style with the N200 Titanium watch - a true marvel that seamlessly combines form and function. Embrace luxury and precision in this sophisticated timepiece.


We are committed to the highest quality at Nuun Official, collaborating with leading global manufacturers to maintain consistent, high-grade standards. The 316L stainless steel we use is a superalloy, known for its robustness and corrosion resistance—ideal for everyday wear.


Caoutchouc is used in the automotive industry, doors and windows, even the smallest items such as hoses, gaskets and mattresses. Due to its strength and compressibility, natural Caoutchouc is used in engineering industries such as anti-vibration bases, springs, rubber bands, bearings and adhesives.


Sapphire crystal is celebrated for its exceptional hardness and clarity, ranking second only to diamond in durability. This makes it highly resistant to scratches and ideal for protecting the dial. Its transparency and resistance to shattering also make it a top choice for luxury watches, ensuring both aesthetic appeal and longevity.


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