Space Ranger Limited Edition

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The Space Ranger collection is no exception. Fittingly named, the Space Ranger collection is perfectly made for exploration either interstellar or on the Earth’s surface.

Technical features

40.5 MM
12 MM
36 Months
100 M
Water Resistance


A watch to accompany you in either indoor or outdoor adventure on the planet, the Space Ranger has a universal appeal that will look impressive on the wrists of men and women alike. With its contemporary. design, it is a favorite unisex and gender-neutral timepiece to carry whether on a casual or formal event. Nuun has always been committed to excellence in the crafting and designing of every watch we made, from the process of its inception, to the special fabrications of its materials.
The dial features the NASA worm logo at the 3H position, while the chronograph sub-dial is found at the 9H position. The hands are SuperLumiNova coated to ensure that it will illuminate, crisply and sharply, amidst the darkness of space.


Cerakote is the industry innovator in ceramic coating technology offering unmatched corrosion protection, and chemical and abrasion resistance, all in an ultra-thin film ceramic-based coating. Cerakote can be applied to most surfaces and offers hundreds of different color options.


The Nanoband represents Nuun Official’s commitment to modern watchmaking with its 'DirtResist' nanotech rubber strap. This strap is designed for a precise fit and optimal comfort, suitable for both indoor and outdoor environments. Sourced from top-tier manufacturers, the strap emphasizes both durability and aesthetic appeal.


Sapphire crystal is celebrated for its exceptional hardness and clarity, ranking second only to diamond in durability. This makes it highly resistant to scratches and ideal for protecting the dial. Its transparency and resistance to shattering also make it a top choice for luxury watches, ensuring both aesthetic appeal and longevity.


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