Quade: The Art of Feminine Chic

    Whilst all of the Nuun Official watches are a unisex offering and indeed actively purchased by both sexes, there comes a time where something a good touch more feminine is required. Enter the Quade, with its sleek, refined curves and elegant yet timeless flow. A modern take on a classic shape, with a subtle twist, this model is designed to slide in from leftfield and steal the limelight.

    Redefining classic sports elegance, with a contemporary take on minimalism and due to high demand from our research of what our customers love, we are proud to announce a collection exclusively for women.

    With a sprinkle of Retro, a nod to art-deco and a chic style derived from a lifestyle of design with its redefined angles, this all new Quade is our latest trend-setter.


    The Quade offers you light weight and comfortable, an extra white strap to give you an option to switch between styles instantly with the help of our quick release mechanism and something fresh to re-inspire you just a touch.