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2 products

We are delighted to announce an immaculate Special Edition to commemorate and celebrate the 50th Anniversary of The Kingdom of Bahrain. This will be without doubt our most promising and exclusive collection of the year and provides an opportunity for every proud Bahraini, and a welcome to everybody living in Bahrain to recognize and get behind their beautiful homeland and have a piece of lasting history which they can wear and enjoy every day.


Bahrain from time immemorial has thrived on the success of a multinational outlook and a multinational people, through the Dilmun ages and into the modern-day, where Bahrain is now at the cutting edge and forefront of cultural economic and success within the region. 


This special timepiece connects the Bahraini culture and its special people with the modern and traditional aesthetics to create a lasting memoir to The Kingdom of Bahrain. 


We are proud to present two limited editions this year in celebration of the 50th Jubilee anniversary of Bahrain.